tumblr_o4c0djdILm1rup001o1_400Hello! My name is Lucy and this where I post reviews of any film or TV show I watch.

I studied journalism at uni and at my internship at Xpress Magazine I got the opportunity to write a couple of film reviews. I quickly realised film and TV writing was probably the most fun journalism possible.

However getting paid for watching films is a greatly contested role, so while I pay the rent writing advertorials for the local newspaper I thought I’d build up a film review resume on my own blog while further expanding my film knowledge.

My reviews are greatly influenced by my feminism, interest in stories different from the same white male protagonist and my disinterest in romance as a main plotpoint. Alongside reviews I hope to write a few articles and opinion pieces on these and similar topics related to film and TV.

My film background: I come from a family where my dad, who works as a computer animator, has taught me that models, puppets and claymation are always better (he particularly likes war films from the 40’s with model boats), my mum mainly likes films she remembers liking from her youth and my sister will almost exclusively watch children’s films or films that aren’t in any way serious.
I wasn’t allowed to watch M rated films until I was about 16 and didn’t get a laptop and wifi access until I was 18 so I still have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to famous films that everyone has seen. I was mainly brought up on period drama films and TV, British sitcoms like Dad’s Army and Doc Martin and British cop shows like New Tricks and Midsommer Murders.
My favourite films are Submarine, Wallace and Gromit and the Were Rabbit and The Princess Bride.

Thanks for finding my blog and if you’re the editor of a film magazine or website please give me a job so I don’t have to write ads anymore.



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