Only Yesterday

This movie is 50 per cent adorable Studio Ghibli film, 50 per cent passionate avocation for organic farming  – 3/5only-yesterday-us-poster

I watched this film as part of a one weekend only, sold out, special screening at my local independent cinema and it most definitely added to the experience to be among fans who were audibly having a great time with this film. (So much so that I feel like some people were laughing at things that weren’t meant to be funny.) Based on a manga by Hotaru Okamoto and Yuko Tone, Only Yesterday is about Taeko (Daisy Ridley), who works in the city but is getting ready to take her annual summer away volunteering on a farm in the country. The trip is bringing back memories for Taeko of her childhood, specifically 5th grade and her friends and family and the events of that year.

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